. Iron Removal Plant


We design, manufacturing Erection & commissioning of Iron removal Plant for varied  residential industries on turnkey basis in Chennai Tamilnadu India


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Water which is initially clear but produces brown, orange or red-dish stains or sediment, metallic tasting water. Black specks or  black stains, metallic tasting water. Standing

Water (tub or toilet tank) may appear gray or black.

Iron Threats:

The presence of iron in water is not considered a health problem. It will cause:

  1. Orange/brown staining on sanitary ware, laundry etc.

  2. brown deposit in pipes

  3. very low taste threshold

Manganese Threats:

  1. At high concentrates in water manganese will cause:

  2. an unpleasant taste

  3. deposits on food during cooking

  4. stains on sanitary ware

  5. discoloration of laundry

  6. deposits on plumbing fittings and cooking utensils


Iron & manganese Removal plant using Mno2 &brim media


250 LPH   to 50,000 LPH


A typical Iron & manganese Removal plant consists of a pressure vessel - this could be either vertical or horizontal-fitted with a set of frontal pipe work and valves, graded sand supported by layers of graded under bed consisting of pebbles and brim media, a top distributor to distribute the incoming water uniformly throughout the cross section of the filter, and an under drain system to collect filtered water.

PURPOSE OF Iron & manganese Removal plant

Uses of Iron & manganese Removal plant:

  • Can be use in In rural areas for community Purpose

  • Can be use in office building Purpose, residence, housing

  • Can be use in educational institutes Purpose, school, collage

  • Can be use in resorts Purpose, hotels, restaurants

  • Can be use in others medical institutes Purpose, hospitals, nursing homes

  • Can be use in Corporation Purpose and Municipality water supply

  • Can be use in Poultry Firms, Industrial purpose like paper mills, Pharmaceutical purpose, cotton mills, Chemical plant etc



  •  Pre-treatment to all forms of Industrial water treatment

  • Potable Water treatment

  • Tertiary treatment

  • Reverse Osmosis plant pre-treatment

  • Swimming pool water

  • Filtration of gray surface water

  • Pre filtration for membrane systems

  •  Filtration in swimming pools

  •  Production of drinking water

  • Treatment of waste water